Homemade Aromatic Bitters Recipe Ingredients Refill Kit With Cinnamon Cardamom All Spice Berries

Recipe Refill: 1889 Aromatic Bitters

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A convenient package containing all the botanicals and spices you need to create our original recipe for 1889 Aromatic Bitters. In this classic recipe, which we unearthed from old pharmacists journals and adapted to modern times, dried currants, grains of paradise, and warming spices combine to create a balanced and versatile flavor profile that brings out the best in classic cocktails like the Manhattan, Mint Julep, and Old Fashioned.

This 'Recipe Refill' is designed to be used with our DIY bitters kits, though it can also be used on its own if you have the necessary tools. The package includes two bitters bottles, the bitters recipe and instructions, and ingredients. You will need to add ¾ cup of spirits (preferably 100+ proof bourbon or whiskey), water, and 1/2 tsp sugar (or 1 tsp simple syrup), which are not included. The recipe yields 8 oz. of bitters.


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