Craft Your Own Bitters Kit Cherry Walnut Recipe
Make Your Own Bitters Kit Homemade DIY Cherry Walnut
DIY Cherry Walnut Bitters Ingredients
Old Fashioned Cocktail with homemade bitters
DIY Cherry Walnut Bitters Ingredients

Cherry Walnut Bitters Kit

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Make your own cocktail bitters. This kit contains all the botanicals and tools you need to make high-quality homemade bitters with our original bitters recipe. Just add ¾ cup of high-proof bourbon or whiskey (not included). Each kit yields two 4-oz. bottles of bitters so you can keep one and give one to a friend! See Bitters Kit Details for complete bitters kit contents.

Sweet Bing cherries from the Pacific Northwest mingle with walnut, hints of anise, and warming spices to create balanced bitters that are a standout addition to many classic cocktails (or even your favorite soda).

Try these bitters in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Martinez.

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