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Classic Tonic Syrup Kit

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This kit contains all the botanicals and tools you need to make homemade tonic water. In as little as 20 minutes, you'll have a 12oz bottle of high quality, homemade tonic syrup ready to be mixed with carbonated water and your favorite spirit. Choosing one of the two infusion methods provided, you'll be able to tweak this recipe to your taste. In short order, you’ll have homemade tonic syrup ready for your ultimate vodka or gin and tonic.

Tonic water began as a preventative medicine for malaria in the new world and quickly morphed into a beverage more often used for brightening moods than curing diseases. After months of research and experimentation, we've have created a citrus forward tonic syrup sure to elevate your spirits and transform your gin and tonic experience. End your search for the best vodka or gin and tonic; make your own tonic at home!

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