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Perfect Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

In our initial search for the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail, most of the recipes we came across featured too-sweet drinks clumsily relying on fruit liqueurs, chocolate syrup, or heavy cream to play up the Valentine’s Day theme. These saccharine love potions seemed more appropriate for a club with bottle service than a quiet date night of craft cocktails at home and we were left wondering: how we could elevate the Valentine’s Day cocktail game? In our opinion, the best cocktails taste complex while remaining relatively simple to make; cocktails for a great Valentine’s Date shouldn't be any different! Well after some hefty research (aka taste testing), we bring you the best Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes we could find! While we consider these perfect for a date night in, each of these...

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How to Make Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Call us old fashioned but we keep coming back to classic cocktails! With fall in full swing, we’ve been looking for easy ways to put seasonal twists on some of our favorite drinks. Check out our cinnamon simple syrup recipe for an easy way to add some holiday spice to any cocktail!SaveSaveSave

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Figgy Bourbon Cocktail with 1889 Aromatic Bitters

It's almost time to break out the figgy pudding, and, to that, we raise our glass ... of figgy bourbon. A unique seasonal recipe featuring bourbon, Cointreau, homemade fig simple syrup, lemon, and bitters. Perfect drink for fall and winter! Save

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