Bitter Sugar Cubes Infused with 1889 Aromatic Bitters

Introducing Bitter Sugar Cubes infused with 1889 Aromatic Bitters!
sugar cubes infused with aromatic bitters
Bittered sugar cubes? Yep, thats right; take these with your tea in the morning or your old fashioned at night! We specifically crafted these bitter sugar cubes with the old fashioned and champagne cocktail in mind but we wouldn’t blame you for tossing a few of these back on their own. Made with Demerara sugar, these sugar cubes have a rich bittered molasses flavor designed to enhance any cocktail requiring sugar. Seriously delicious, these cubes are the crowning craft touch you've been looking for in your quest for the perfect old fashioned. 
Each tin comes with about 35 bitter sugar cubes. These cubes were exclusively available for those who pre-order a Classic Tonic Kit now through 12/8/17. 
Bitter Infused Sugar Cubes For Old Fashioned Cocktails

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