Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe with Orange Hop Bitters

Boulevardier Bourbon Campari Cocktail Recipe

- 1 1/2 oz. bourbon (or whiskey)
- 1 oz. Campari
- 1 oz. sweet vermouth
- 3 dashes Orange Hop Bitters

    Pour all liquid ingredients into a mixing glass. Add ice cubes and stir well. Strain into rocks or coupe glass. Garnish with shaved orange peel.


    One of our favorite cocktails for the colder winter months, the Boulevardier is the Negroni's dark-spirited counterpart. Whiskey replaces the gin, giving this classic cocktail a pleasing, deep red hue, which, coincidentally, makes it a festive cocktail for New Year's celebrations. That is, unless your festivities include a white tux or dress, in which case this bright red cocktail, dancing along the edge of a slender coupe glass, might be more of a merry and bright accident waiting to happen.

    This classic cocktail is credited to Harry McElhone, owner of Harry's New York Bar in Paris (frequented by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre - worth a look on Google Street View, where you can see inside the bar), who is said to have created the drink in 1927. The New York Times Magazine has a great read on the origins of the Boulevardier and its name. Our version gets a little extra kick from the Orange Hop Bitters, which pair well with dark spirits.

    Here's to a great new year. Cheers!


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