Carrot Juice with Ginger, Beets, and 1889 Aromatic Bitters

Carrot-Juice-Recipe-with-Aromatic-Bitters-Non-Alcoholic-DrinkCARROT JUICE WITH GINGER, BEETS AND 1889 AROMATIC BITTERS

- 8 carrots (large to medium size)
- 3 beets (small to medium size)
- 1 inch piece of ginger, peeled
- 3 dashes 1889 Aromatic Bitters
- 2 dashes Orange Hop Bitters

Peel carrots, beets, and ginger, then press them through a juice press into a mixing bowl or pitcher. Add 3 dashes of 1889 Aromatic Bitters and 2 dashes Orange Hop Bitters. Stir to mix ingredients. Serve over ice in a pint glass. Makes two servings.


Starting the new year with some healthy recipes? Don’t overlook the bitters. This little liquid is purported to increase your health and ease every ache imaginable. Mixing bitters with a healthy vegetable juice instead of booze sounds like the secret to a long life, if you ask us.

Carrot Ginger Beet Juice with Bitters Recipe

Using root vegetables available in the long winter months, this vegetable juice provides a nice change of pace from heavy wintertime drinks and dishes. We also like to mix it up every once in a while and enjoy our home-brewed bitters in less boozy drinks, where their flavors take on a different form. This wholesome juice is a great way to share your bitters with friends and family without the booze. 

As with your own signature cocktails, feel free to try different types of bitters in this recipe. While we prefer a mild balance between the orange hops and aromatic bitters, spicy bitters also work well as a counter flavor to the carrots.

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  • Fernanda

    I’m going to an apothecary tomroorw and I’m going to start a batch of bitters. If all turns out I’d love to send you a sample. When the time approaches I’ll let you know. I love gin!

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