So, what are bitters? Bitters are concentrated infusions made with botanicals, spices and barks. Originally used for medicinal purposes to aid in digestion and anti-inflammatory needs, but in more recent years, bitters act as an essential ingredient for some of the most popular classic cocktails and can even be used to spice up food. Bitters are a bartender's salt & pepper, working to enhance and accentuate the primary flavors of a cocktail. 
We feel strongly about taking the time to slow down and craft with care. Dash Bitters was created to empower people with the tools, ingredients, and knowledge they need to start making high quality bitters at home. Whether you are or know someone that is a creative DIYer, frequent host or hostess, or just enjoys craft cocktails, our make your own cocktail bitters kits work great for curious amateur bartenders and serious cocktail aficionados alike. 
We spent hours rifling through old apothecary books and sourcing the hard to find ingredients and necessary tools in order to help other home bartenders enjoy the process (and result) of making bitters at home with ease. Each kit produces two bottles of small batch bitters—perfect for making one for yourself and giving one to a friend (although these bitters are so good you may want to keep them all to yourself!)


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